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All games on my PS2 are display in very poor quality on my LG 27″LCD TV. Why? Normal t.v quality is perfect.


My old non HD tv played all my games, especailly football games and displayed fine so I know there is nothing wrong with my PS2. Its just since i bought this new LG tv I expected the quality to be amazing but its that fuzzy on pro evo it hurts my eyes after a while.

Ive tried changing to S Video cables instead which improved screen quality abit but still poor.

The T.V i bought was this.

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  1. The reason it looks poor, is because the PS2 is trying to put a resolution on an HD-based TV. If you get ps2 HD cables, or HD cables for something else, it can display the picture in 480P, instead of what you are using, which is 480i (Standard TV Quality). The PS2 can handle 480P, which is a little bit better, but not nearly as clear as 1080i or 1080P (What PS3 and XBOX 360 can maintain). Try the cables and set your video resolution on your Playstation differently. There may also be a setting on your TV for resolution, because your TV may be up-scaling your game to Hd, which is not compatible for PS2, so it may come out choppy. Hope this helped!

  2. Start the PS2 without a disk in the slot. Go to the settings( under browser) and change the video option until you are satisfied. It depends on what you want. Hope I helped.

  3. because ps2 first of all is not ment for Hd. and ps3 and 360 are.so back then when ps2 first came out we didnt have as much lcd screens as we do now.so in that case ps2 didnt think about puttin hd in it.and now that they have more hd screens. the console marketers made hd things so it would look good and normal tvs

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