Home Xbox Forum My xbox 360 keeps breaking after multiple repairs?

My xbox 360 keeps breaking after multiple repairs?


Hi i keep getting my xbox repaired at this one shop because i keep get the 3 rings of death i got my xbox back from getting repaired about 4 days ago and it broke today. My xbox has been breaking really fast with the same problem for the past month i have at least got my xbox back 3 times and it just breaks a week or a few days later. They sell xbox’s there for $105 if i give them my old broken xbox. I have the halo limited edition xbox but they only sell pros. Should i get a new xbox? or just keep getting it repaired?

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  1. Sound like they are doing a cheap repair I would keep taking it back untill they fixed it right or get your money back and buy a new one. I wouldn’t deal with that shop any more.

  2. That means they aren’t repairing it. Either that or they’re using some cheap trick that is only temporary like the wet washrag trick. Screw that store. Had you not took it to that shop, you should’ve still had the 3 year “catastrophic failure” warranty with Microsoft. But since that shop has to open it to fix it, that voids the warranty.

    Judging by how “well” they fix 360’s they probably don’t refurbish used ones, so I wouldn’t buy a used one there. And they may even tamper with new ones.

    Seriously, I would keep the Halo one just for kicks, and buy a brand new one from somewhere more reputable like Gamestop or Wal-Mart.

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