Home Playstation Forum why can’t i ever steal the ball in fifa11 online for ps3?

why can’t i ever steal the ball in fifa11 online for ps3?


i wanna start by sayin that i was always crazy good at fifa, i have been playin since 03. but since i couldnt afford a ps3 till recently im new to fifa11.i picked it up fast but when i play online, i can NEVER steal the ball from whoever im playin,(i play as r. madrid, or m. united) my players just run behind him while he runs at goal and puts one in the back of the net, meanwhile when i finally actually get the ball its gone no problem. also the same with headers, if its a cross or a corner im screwed they’re going to score on me! what the hell is going on?!?!?! and when i shoot the goalie is always stoppin them, no matter how good i place my shot.now sometimes i play and will win 5-0, i’ve heard of people cheatin online but do u think thats whats going on here? please sombody help me!

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  1. You’re arriving very late at FIFA, so you must consider you’re facing much better players. The problem with ball stealing and heading it’s just a ability you most work on, you have to place your defenders correctly, and not just simply press “X” and hope they automatically do all the work – especially in headers, you have to put your defender on the right place or else you have no chance. Don’t blame it on cheaters, because in 99% of the cases that’s simply not true – the people who lose are sour losers and think they are only beaten by cheaters, because on equal terms they would always win. Yeah right.

    One tip I can give you is stop choosing R.Madrid and Man United. Start by playing with not so good teams. Yes, at first you will lose more, but that’s the one way to really learn how to play – if you can pass a ball around weaker players, defend with weaker players and score goals with weaker players, imagine what you will be able to do with great teams. Bottom line. you have to learn how to play, and that’s that.

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