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The Simpsons Game Xbox 360 Review – Video Review (HD)


The Simpsons Game Xbox 360 Review - Video Review (HD)


  1. i thought gameplay was lacking, nothing really that interesting or challenging about it, just an adequate platformer. the humor and faithfulness to source material was nice however and made up for gameplay

  2. I just got a hankering to play this… is it worth playing as a fan of the show back in the day?

  3. This game is garbage. Get The Simpsons: Hit and Run – that game deserves the title of THE Simpsons game to get, not this!

  4. It's says '' Simpsons Game Xbox 360 Review- Video Review [ HD ] Right So why is it showing ps3 gameplay footage  that does not make any sense DX

  5. Completed it about 20 times on ds and completed the simpsons hit and run. So i should probably get it on xbox. Cos all the simpsons games have been amazing!

  6. I played this along time ago and it was a blast….But is this game hard to find because on amazon people are selling for like $70 to $100?

  7. "I'm gonna watch an XBOX 360 review of The Simpsons Game by seeing Play Station 3 gameplay." (I'm dumbfounded by this too)

  8. Actually it's the PS3 as the graphics are slightly more detailed (the PS2 version has one of the most outdated graphics on this game).

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