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Modern Game Console Reliability Issues


With the rapid advancement of computer and games technology, it is surprising that a mainstream electronics giant (and there is more than one) have problems with reliability in their products. Whilst the computer industry advances in leaps and bounds with only minor technical difficulties, it seems the games console market has run into more than a reasonable amount of problems.

The problem I am referring to is one of overheating on the major players in the games console market. The leading products all suffer from heat related faults which the only cure is strip down of the machine and then put the circuit board through a reflow oven. Whilst this process does cure most problems most of the time, it does seem a rather drastic method which sees no parallel in the computer industry and is certainly not an ideal requirement for a product that is produced in the 21st century. It seems something is amiss that more than one games console should suffer with these annoying problems.

Additionally, not only does the circuit board itself eventually fail through the fatigue of heating and cooling, but this heat can also affect the other components inside the machine leading to other failures such as optical drive and hard drive. I guess we are lucky in a day and age that a company will invest in the equipment to reflow circuit boards, replace optical drives so we don’t have to buy new consoles but I think this is far from ideal. The process is not a guaranteed fix but there are some measures that should be taken once a reflow has been done. The very most important thing when rebuilding the games console is to use the very very best heat compound. I believe this is the component that leads to failure in the first place. So make sure the people you take your console to are aware of this factor or you may need to return for another reflow sooner than you would hope.

Bear in mind it might be possible to upgrade your console whilst it is ‘under the knife’, it might be an opportunity for a silver lining. With the advantage of being able to repair motherboard level circuitry comes the advantage that all saved data can be kept whereas buying a new console does not allow this. This should be a slightly easier decision to make now that there can be so much personal data stored inside these machines.

If the computer industry suffered from these same issues, the world would be a different place. Reliability of electronic components is vital in this day and age. I hope the next generation of games consoles don’t overheat, get progressively even better and maybe then we won’t have to worry about using them as heating for our houses.

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