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Lichdom Battlemage PS4/Xbox One: Worst Frame-Rate We’ve Ever Tested


We’ve been measuring frame-rates since 2008. And we never seen anything as consistently bad as this.

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Lichdom Battlemage PS4/Xbox One: Worst Frame-Rate We've Ever Tested


  1. I can say that my game play experience has rarely, if ever, been affected by framerate. I didn't even think framer ate was as big of an issue as PC gamers said it was. That illusion has been mind bogglingly shattered once I played this game. The game is fine, and I really like it. But holy shit the framerate in this game took me out of the experience entirely. I'm glad I wasn't the only one who experienced this.

  2. What the fuck is this? Digital Foundry always had profesional vibe on their videos but this is just youtube comedy crap content… WTF? are you aiming for this now DF? I thought you were the few youtube channels with quality content, not junk…

  3. They though "meh console player are used to have low fps, they won't see the difference if it's a bit under the usual" hahaha

  4. Normally I say: it's all about gameplay not graphics and framerates and stuff. But this one… wow… that's even worse than Watch Dogs on the Wii U.

  5. I'm getting 220-290fps here all maxed 🙂 with i7 3930K 5Ghz, 2666Mhz tridentX 16Gb, X4 980Ti. 9-15sec to load with SSD

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