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Pure Hold Em Gameplay & Review


The guys at DZE have a review of Pure Hold ‘Em by VooFoo Studios. This is currently in beta testing but it is already looking to be a good addition to our game library.

Pure Hold ‘Em will be available on Xbox One, PS4 and PC

Pure Hold Em Gameplay & Review


  1. Ghost players?… yeah, riveting atmosphere. What were the devs thinking; clearly there aren't poker players.

  2. can someone help me maybe ? i cant connect to the server that means i can only play offline and that sucks … so someone know waht i can do to play against other real persons? sry for my english is pretty bad i guess

  3. Sure would be nice if they would update pure hold'em to allow friends in tournaments as the game description suggests.

  4. no txt chat, no remote play, horrible voice chat.. no camera and not even animated characters. This all is 20 dollars wtf :D

  5. I've been anxiously awaiting for a poker game for Xbox One for so long, preferably a new Full House Poker 🙁 .

    This game looks so fucking boring. The rating are horrible and the thought of buying extra chips with money after the fact, that their charging $20.00 for the game, just seems fucking ridiculous!

    I think I'll wait. hopefully soon they'll bring an awesome poker game worth buying to Xbox one.
    I guess I'll always have android, not to mention some of those games on droid are almost as good of quality for free.

  6. We purchased our copy on Friday and have played in some open tables online and offline with no issues at all. It comes down to personal preference but everyone here has been happy with game. We are planning a DZE poker night within the week.

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