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Steep Review


  1. I've played it for a few hours and I'm having a blast, but the price? Sheesh… The game would be better if it were a $25 title.

  2. I've tried snowboarding. the first time I've done any snow sport i tried snowboarding. hardest thing ive ever done

  3. For me i don't play games like this so I'm not sure but when i first saw the trailer, it looked awesome to try

  4. People just compare this game to SSX when they're completely different games apart from the fact they're extreme sports. SSX is Arcade and Steep is a realistic simulation game so stop comparing, its a bit pathetic.

  5. If I can't throw water bottles or shove people away like SSX I'm not too interested. I've got Just Cause 3 for the parachuting and wing suiting. lol

  6. So, in Steep 2 they just need to focus on skiing and snowboarding, more tricks and customization, and it may compete with the SSX series just like EA did with Skate competing with the TOny Hawk series.

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