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CGRundertow ENDWAR for Xbox 360 Video Game Review


CGRundertow ENDWAR for Xbox 360 Video Game Review


  1. My only peeve about this game is that the American Schwarzkopf tank's tracks do NOT move!! but Europe and Russia's do just fine…

  2. For some reason, or other, this game only got a 68 metascore. Which confuses me, because I know it's not very deep, but it's not a bad game at all. It's fun to play, so I don't get why so many people didn't like it.

  3. @fsmetal
    Nah, I have endwar for PC and I prefer the voice option.
    And my accent is heavy and yet it understands me.

  4. @Zuggaron I'm really sorry. I just spent the last 2 days in vigorous debate with console fanboys and white supremacists youtube. Trolls in general. I was in full combat mode when I read your comment. I love CGR to death. Now, I'm not good with names but who's the newer CGR reviewer who always sounds stoned? I wanna say Kevin. When he first started people hated him but he's found his mojo and is awesome now. No hard feelings?

  5. @wightknight121 Technically, that would have been 32 bit. There was a version of Starcraft for the N64, though

  6. @similaritiesendhere Hes definetly not THAT new, he has been on CGRGameplay for a while now and its older than TJ and i didnt said the review was bad coz, to be honest, it was quite good. I just hate his voice.

  7. This game absolutely sucked ass on the PC. It had about two different maps, made me repeat missions I had already completed (I had beaten the Siege of Le CEITO about five times) and ended very oddly.

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