Home Playstation Games Dynasty Warriors Online Gameplay – First Look HD

Dynasty Warriors Online Gameplay – First Look HD


Dynasty Warriors Online Gameplay - First Look HD

Dynasty Warriors Online Z 12 vs 12 จะวิ่งเร็วไปไหน -青龍刀

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  1. Remember If you want to Play Dynasty Warriors Online Japanese Verison Reply to this Comment , And Watch my videos

  2. I miss this game so much, it was great i played everyday 🙂 ,good times. Anyone know is there going to be english version again ?

  3. Nice video, thanks I never knew this existed. I fucking LOVE and LIVE for Dynasty Warriors, one of the best, if not the best series of all time. GTA/DW. But Dynasty, something so romantically epic and beautiful about it. 13 years ago I fell in love with DW3, and I learned so much form this epic video game, that it created a passion for the 3 Kingdoms Era. Born and raised in San Francisco my whole life, we used to go to Chinatown all the time, but how cool was it, when I could look into the antique/gift stores and finally recognize Guan Yu, Huan Gai and Lu Bei staring at me in statue form.

    Something so real, yet hauntingly beautiful about it. I just bow in respect, when I walk by.

  4. lol I had this on my laptop when the American version was demolished, but damn can't confront,cant fucking campaign lol

  5. Why do people hate this video? This game is very nice! I'm also a gamer in this game and there are alot of events in this game. This event is Showdown, others are Invasions, Survival Match, etc. Still a better game than Darkness Reborn. Darkness Reborn is a game for gay people. 🙂 I♡you, just keep making videos. Don't listen to haters. :)

  6. Wow… Almost 5 years later and pvp is still stupid as hell. Just charge spam and then lay into them while theyre stunned. And lord in heaven save you if you end up in a 1 v 2. Time to run none stop. 

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