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Fifa 12 not working on my Ps3?


I have a ps3 slim which I got last november.

While most of the titles work properly on my ps3 I have a problem with Fifa 12.

Sometimes It works and sometimes it gets stuck. Plus my copy of fifa 12 has a couple of significant scratches while other titles have none.

So is it the scratches or the console.

Someone told me that blu-rays don’t get affected by scratches and work perfectly well.

Please help, as I am a bit confused as if there is a problem with the console then I need to get it repaired before its warranty expires.

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  1. the problem is with the disc

    with scrathers you can mess the conslose

    never insert a game with scrathers or your laser will be gone.

    if others work then your game is erroed

    try it on any other ps3

    if it works

    then have your ps3 checked out but you said other games work so yeah no probs with the conloses as i see it

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