Home Playstation Games FIFA 14 PS3 review – Doubts over champion’s title hopes prove unfounded

FIFA 14 PS3 review – Doubts over champion’s title hopes prove unfounded


FIFA 14 PS3 review - Doubts over champion's title hopes prove unfounded


  1. EA are thinking, "great we are the most popluar". They're right, everybody knows them for poor quality, and sucking the money out of people.

  2. BAD, PAINFUL, HORRIBLE, = this will be your first reaction to the game.
    F***, I HATE THIS GAME, WHAT A SHIT, I'M SO STUPID FOR BUYING THIS GAME = this will be the reaction everytime you play this game.

    Don't know why EA/FIFA decided to ruin FIFA 13

    Graphics = 10/10
    Physical appearance = 10/10
    Goal Celebrations = 10/10
    Game Play = 2/10 (reminds me of FIFA 1998 ON PS1)

  3. After playing fifa 14 two or three times i knew already that its a waste me time and money !!!!!!! I hate this f… game ., the game is slow and you cant dribbel smoothly with a player , hate it

  4. After playing the demo its left me feeling rather underwhelmed. The game definitely seems more fluid as players run with the ball more realistically but as a package it feels similar to previous entries. I mean seriously, still a 2D crowd ? and don't give us that bullshit excuse of "the PS3 doesn't have the power to do it" when you have games like GTA V rendering large crisp beautiful environments. If Naughty Dog or Rockstar were developing FIFA it would be a totally different game in a good way. They have definitely pushed the boundaries in what CG consoles can produce. EA's biggest problem is that they focus solely on profits and forget about what consumers actually want/expect, churning out the same regurgitated crap every year….. a bit like Apple tbh. 

  5. I don't know how a company can make a game for almost 20 year and can still fuck it up, problems that should have been repaired are even worse, HOW EA HOW?  

  6. Fifa is the same every year! wouldn't buy this i made the mistake and traded it in after a few days! boring, just the same as fifa 13, if your not getting  a ps4 or Xbox one anytime soon stick to fifa 13 or get Pes 14 if you like pes, fifa 14 is shit

  7. sesame street LALALA sesame street reviews LALALA …..

    There is no next gen pes …. u set your self now really fore ape.

    Pes have greativ and freedom btw since 2002 before that it was crap.

    When fifa have no competition we have problem and get real bad footy games like in ERA of 2000 to 2012.

    We need competition or we get a new ERA of bad fifa games.

    We need competition so EA don't fall in sleep again.

  8. What a bullcrap.

    I buy fifa since 1996 and pes since 98 konami soccer.

    Fifa 14 is no arcade anymore it was.

    And pes 14 is a great footy game.

    U have not see and play the last 3 years PES.

    Btw Real footy gamers buy everything and don't see i was i was.

    I was battlefiel gamer and play now COD in this generation hahaah

  9. Thats because it doesnt need to have that many changes. It already has the graphics, the impact engine etc., and now they added new ball movements. Its not like a game needs a 100% change for it to be good.

  10. Has anyone noticed an intermittent beep every now and then with this game? It sounds pretty much identical to one of the XMB beeps. At first I thought my PS3 was on its way out but it has happened on both my friends PS3's as well.

  11. lol fifa for the arcade player??? in pes the goalkeepers run and do skills like Ronaldo, the game is broken, and the graphics of the players on next gen is horrible, its ugly, read the reviews, i dont need them, but read, i was a pes fan in the last gen, it is better than the crap they are making, thats why fifa doesnt change the game, because there is no competition, and that patch, is for pc so shut up baby, buy pes if you like, than feel sorry with the lack of modes and the stupid i.a 

  12. So, i guess there's noone who has the balls to say the truth about EA's new abomination…noone says anything about how fucking slow this game is! Messi's like an average FIFA 13 player…They all talk about shit that gamers don't give a FUCK about…is there a gamer who doesn't care about RESPONSE?(maybe EA doesn't even know what that means…) I mean i could fucking write a book while i wait for my player to execute the move i selected…Defenders and referees are as fucking retarded as ever..

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