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How much would I be able to sell my Xbox 360 at Gamestop for?


I would sell my xbox which is the original, white xbox from 5 years ago but it has a 64gb hard drive. I would include 2 wireless controllers and some games. The games would include COD MW3, COD Black Ops 2, COD Ghosts (which I am buying with the One), COD Black Ops 1, Battlefield 4, and Madden 25. If they will take it, I also have a pair of TurtleBeach X12’s. I’m not sure if they would take those however. I am also selling the original Wii along with multiple games. If I sold all of these things for store credit at Gamestop, how much would I get because it is all going towards an Xbox One <3 Thanks 🙂

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  1. I have found out how gamestop works with it trade ins excluding the featured trades. They give you a third of what they are selling it for. So if its a 15 dollar game they will give you 5 in trade. So look up all your products on gamestop.com, cut them in three and add all them up and thats what they'll give you.

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