Home Playstation Forum I Got infamous 2 (ps3) 4 free? without ps plus?

I Got infamous 2 (ps3) 4 free? without ps plus?


i was lookin into my download list, and i found infamous 2. it did’nt say game trial. so i downloaded it. when i went to psn store, i went to the game it self to check if its a game trial or not. it say’s download instead of “buy now” i clicked it and it says “this software has already been purchased, click [download] to play. i never bought 50$ psn card ever, only 20$. and i hav doubts that this is the full game


  1. It’s most likely the Demo of the game then. Demo’s are free and sometimes they have Full-Game Trials as well for free.

    Hope that helps.

  2. Infamous 2 is available as a full game demo on PSN. The game is the full game, but there is a time limit. After one hour you will no longer be able to play the demo without purchasing the full game

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