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Playstation 3 question?


Ok so my big brother loves to burn dvd’s instead of buying them he has a ton of brand new movies i been wanting to see like hallpass, big mama and others but for some reason i put the disc into the ps3 and it says “the data has corrupted” or it will play for a while and the movie will stop and then say the same thing.whats wrong with it? -.-

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  1. Make sure the movies are burnt in avi format. The original dvd format probably won’t work, but i have never tested it myself. All i can say is that AVI format works perfectly on a burnt disk when i try it. If you have loads of disks, then just test them all and tell him what works. If your brother knows enough about formats, then he should be able to send you only what actually works on a ps3.

    As for it stopping after a bit, i can 100% guarantee you that is happening because of either scratches on the disk, or an error during burning caused by burning too quickly. try telling him to burn at 12x speed, i have never, ever seen it screw up at that speed before.

  2. It’s either the discs have been burned too fast or that the movie is not an official copy and the PS3 doesn’t want to read it.

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