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Samsung UN55B8000 LCD TV Review


The Samsung UN55B8000 LCD TV (an LED backlit device) is one of the new range of Samsung LED TVs that is razor thin, uses very little energy (compared to other LCD TVs and Plasma TVs) and also produces outstanding image quality.

The most interesting feature of UN55B8000 LCD TV is its extreme razor thin design. At a thickness of only only 1.2 inches the UN55B8000 can be hung on a wall just like a picture but it is important to note that useful features are not sacrificed even with this extreme profile.

There are three areas of excellence in the UN55B8000:

  • Picture Quality.
  • ECO green operation.
  • Internet Access.
  • Picture Quality

    First off, image quality is extremely high. This is due to the LED back lighting technology. Normal LCD TVs use Fluorescent tubes for the back light which can never be fully turned off hence the low contrast ratios. High contrast levels can be achieved using LED technology because individual LEDs can be completely turned off and this means crisp life like images which are of cinematic quality.

    Additionally LCD TVs have suffered from image blur which is overcome in this UN55B8000 using proprietary Auto Motion processing and also by operating at four times the speed of other LCD TVs (240Hz). Image processing interpolates the missing frames for action sequences so you will not miss any detail at all.

    ECO green operation

    Green operation is all due to the LEDs allowing theminimum profile and in general smaller components there are three benefits:

  • Reduced power consumption (40% less than a normal LCD TV).
  • Smaller packaging size and weight – so the total delivery carbon footprint is reduced.
  • No toxic chemicals – there is no poisonous mercury as there are no fluorescent tubes.
  • Internet Access.

    The UN55B8000 LED TV has built in internet access (via Ethernet cable or wireless access point). It can even update its own software via the internet. Using a proprietary Widget interface the UN55B8000 allows you to access streaming content from YouTube and Flicker as well as Samsung’s own Online content source.

    This review has only touched on the capabilities of the UN55B8000 which include multiple connection points (4 HDMI, 2 USB and more) and DLNA compatible connection protocol. In addition to the extensive connections available (with which you can easily connect up a Blue Ray Player, XBOX360 or PS3 etc.) there is also a built in content library. Even more, there is games mode which enhances sound imaging and processing to give the ultimate gamine experience.

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    Submitted On November 08, 2009ElectronicsThe Samsung UN55B8000 LCD TV is undoubtedly an advanced LED TV but does does it meet your expectations? Learn more about the UN55B8000 to be sure about its capabilities before you buy it.Samsung UN55b8000 LCD TV, Samsung UN55B8000,un55b8000 led,un55b8000 led tv

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