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Should I sell my PS3?


Back in May of this year my mom bought me a 250 GB Playstation 3 for $350.00 plus taxes.

I played it for about two weeks and then I just started playing my Xbox again. I haven’t played either in a while because since this summer I sort of got a life and completely stopped playing video games.

I now live somewhere else and now my Playstaion overheats in like 3 hours of usage(not sure if it matters that I moved.).

I found some dude that will buy my ps3 for $100 bucks and I want to sell it anyway. My mom is reluctant to even go check out my Playstaton and quite frankly, I wouldn’t play it either way. But she’s upset because she thinks 100 is a rip off considering she paid well over 350 dollars for it.

So what do you think? Consider the fact that I’m not going to play it. I haven’t played it in over five months.

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  1. 100 isn’t bad if it’s overheating I would make sure that the buy knows this though. If you know your not going to play it then why not get some money out of it and give it to someone who will.

  2. Don’t sell it. You might regret it later on. I had the same thing happen to me. Now i wish i hadn’t sold it.

  3. i have the same one and mine doesn’t overheat. i don’t even know how you would be able to tell that it’s overheating. i use mine mostly for movies, but do play games on it also. it seems you’d be able to get a lot more than 100 for it. throw in your ps3 games and you could probably get more.

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