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Unable to connect ps3 to router?


Hello. I am having problems hooking my ps3 to my router. This is whatI have done so far.

(1) I reset my router to see if that would fix the problem. – My ps3 is able to find the network but when it comes to the keycode it still wont connect. – But I know I am using the right key code becasue everything else in the house that is wireless I have no problems. This leads me to believe the problems lies with the setting on my ps3. Oddly, my ps3 does recognize and accept my verizon MIFI. – So if the problem is with the setting on the ps3 why is it able to connect using the MIFI. So now I am left with the problem that the ps3 and connect to wireless devices but there is a specific problem between the router and the ps3. (The router is a D link dir 601 ) CAN YOU HELP ME?


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  1. my playstation does not work on verizon either ,advice, get another network for ur playstation.

    also u can try to change the security setting on the router.


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