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where does the xbox 360 install updates?


Sorry noob here. Recently bought an arcade xbox 360 with 256mb of internal memory. when i updated through xbox live, it installed the updates to the internal memory (naturally since i don’t have a hard drive). My question is: say i install a hard drive to my arcade system, will it still install updates on the internal memory or will it install it in the hard drive?

Also, say i install a hard drive now (after update), will these update files be transferred to the hard drive or will they just remain in the internal memory?

Thanks for the help!

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  1. they don’t really install. they make us do it for them they make a mandatory update and we have to obay if we want to play on xbox live.

    yes it will store updates in the internal memory always. (but i may be wrong about the hard drive) you should not have to install it again once you have done it once.

    it should be stored in the internal memory

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