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Which would you say is the best PS3 bundle?


I already have a PS3 but it’s out of my region which mean I can’t play any DVD’s and some of the Blu-ray movies.

So as you have probably figured out from the question I wanna figure out which PS3 bundle out there is the best. I’ll give you some choices

160 GB with uncharted drake’s fortune

80GB with Killzone 2

80GB with Little Big Planet

if you’ve heard of any others plese don’t hezitate to share

Many Thanks in Advance.


  1. There is a limited edition Metal Gear Solid one. That one can play ps2 and ps3 games also has more hardware than the new ps3 consoles coming out now. I would go with this bundle eyes closed.

  2. In the models you listed unless you are going to store a lot of movies, music and/or pictures an 80gb model is just fine, whether you chose the Killzone 2 or LittleBigPlanet doesn’t matter as both bundles don’t have PS3’s with backwards compatibility so just choose the game that better appeals to you. If you will be storing more music, video and pictures then a 160gb model is better as you won’t run out of space. In models you didn’t list the best available is the 60gb model with no games bundled, as it had the highest PS2 compatibility rating along with the 20gb model, but unlike the 20gb model has wireless Internet, a decent amount of storage (though this can be upgraded without affecting the warranty) and is one of only three PS3 models that could play PS2 games at all. The 20 and 60 were two and the final model was the 80gb PlayStation 3 MotorStorm or Metal Gear Solid 4 bundle which although they had PS2 compatibility they only played between 70-80% compatibility where the 20 and 60gb models were over 95% percent. The main thing to look for if you want a PlayStation 3 with PS2 compatibility is how many USB ports the console has. If it has 4, there is some PS2 compatibility, if there’s 2 there’s none. But the only place you will get a model with PS2 compatibility is used, online so be careful. Hopefully this helps you out.

  3. Definately 80gb with LBP. LBP is a long lasting fun game and plus the 160gb isnt that worth it so get 80gb

  4. i would recommend getting the 160gb because i have an 80gb and it is almost full already. you can never have too much space with all of the downloadable games, movies, and tv shows the playstation store has to offer.

  5. couple of weeks ago

    i bought the 80gb with LittleBigPlanet, GTA4 and 300 on BluRay for £300

    ill have a look to see if its still there

    nope aint there

    hotukdeals are doing a 80gb for 218 pound

    u could buy a couple games of your fancy


    [url is not allowed]

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