Home Playstation Forum Why does My ps3 sound like a jet?

Why does My ps3 sound like a jet?


it sounds like a the fan is going mad on it, i have it standing up on its side,

and it was making the same laud noise last year,

its got good open space behind the ps3, how can i make it go back to normal

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  1. Do what ghass says, oh and just have so it’s normal postition wise have it so the word Sony on the front is reading left to right

  2. its possible your ps3 fan has a big build up of dust in it. this will mean the fan is not cooling down ur ps3 properly causing the ps3 to over heat this is why it sounds louder(not good), try looking at the fan at the back and you could even put a hoover against it to try suck the dust out? avoid opening the ps3 unless you realy know what your doing.

    just a thought:)

  3. Get your vacuum cleaner and put it where the fan ventilation is,might be from dust accumulation around the fan.I always clean my xbox fan ventilation this way.good luck and let me know if it works.

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