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Zoo Tycoon - Review


  1. The game is actually not half as bad, its just way more simplified now. The only good thing about this is that the graphics is now much more lovable, more animal-human interaction, and better animation. I say the game is pretty good on a scale and would actually be much better if more customization is given to users as such how they did it in Zoo Tycoon 2. Its a real shame though since the third person view and the graphics is stunning enough to get you to fall in love with this cute surprising game

  2. Looks more like a tablet/smartphone game. Shame… ZT2 really is the best zoo building game we have at the moment. With the use of user-made downloads, you can make some incredibly realistic things. I do hope that someone creates a serious zoo building game in future, though. Perhaps something like Theme Park Studio, but for zoos.

  3. WHY! This game litteraly could just have been a Zoo Tycoon 2 Remake…. It looks so awesome yet it forgets the reason why we play these games…. To actually BUILD a freakin Zoo OURSELVES!!

  4. fuck theese console plebs…… ruining all our pc game… burn in hell, now there are no more good games

  5. Seems overly simplistic in some areas and unnecessarily convoluted in others… Microsoft appears to have lost sight of what made the original game so addictive and popular.

  6. I know zoo tycoon 1,2 for pc were really good but God I'm I the only person who liked this

  7. As an avid player of Zoo Tycoon and Zoo Tycoon 2 I must say I'm sad. In ZT I had what felt like unlimited customization in my exhibits and could manage my zoo in any way I wanted. ZT2 took that even further introducing the ground mode, allowing you to actually go into the exhibits, and have freaking dinosaurs. With This Zoo Tycoon I can't do any of that. I can't customize my zoo size and shape. I can't edit elevation and water features. And above all I only really have 10 species of animal just with 10 subspecies inside that species. I can't customize paths other than just color. I can't choose fences. I can't do this, I can't do that. It's a step backwards just "improved" with better graphics. This game was designed for children. To be simplistic. I'll tell you what I was 8 and I was making 5 star zoos in ZT2. The sense of it being my zoo is gone. It feels like it's the games' zoo that I've laid out. I see this game being super fun for kids age 4-9 when it's easy and fun for them. But it's not my cup of tea. This would be a perfect gift to a little kid whose big brother got an xbox for Christmas but only got call of duty and assassins creed games. This way the kid could enjoy the Xbox without being exposed to violence. So in general I think it's a good game for the right person. That person being a child 

  8. Microsoft really has no idea what to do with this IP do they? I want a proper Zoo Tycoon 3, not this dumbed down and limited husk. I'm actually a bit hurt because Zoo Tycoon is my childhood and seeing this is like seeing a relative on their deathbed.

  9. Yet another reviewer with absolutely no patience, this is a really fun game, this shitty reviews just want everything to be perfect when they know thats not possible

  10. To any Zoo Tycoon fans still unsure of whether they want this game after seeing this review, let me give you the answer: NO (especially if you don't want to spend $400 in june for an XBone and are considering the 360 version).

    1. No Kinect support(360) If it can be done on the XBone, why can't it be included for the morons (like me) who spent extra money on the damn thing?
    2. The last two games were on CD, yet this game is on DVD (or even BRD on the XBone), yet there are the same or less animals than the other games, NOT including the expansion packs. The 360 version also has less animals than the XBone version, and while that's partially understandable due to DVD limitations, why did they choose to give it similar graphics while crippling the gameplay (and occasionally the frame rate)?
    3. Unless they release DLC for it, I doubt there will be a dino digs or marine mania (if it is released, it may not be available on 360).
    4. As mentioned, in the review the UI.
    5. This is SO restrictive. No animal escapes and very limited exhibit customization, which were staples of the original games (and the first person mode isn't even comparable to ZT2). These could be explained by them dumbing them down for the consoles, if it wasn't for the fact that…
    6. This game was bested by a game that came out a decade before it. It may be argued that the games UI and style may have been bad because it was on a console, but this wasn't the first zoo(or something similar to a zoo) management game to be on consoles, as Jurassic Park Operation Genesis (not quite a Zoo tycoon game, but a similar principle) had a GREAT PS2 port (I believe it was also on the Xbox). I would STILL recommend it over the new Zoo Tycoon if you are looking for a console zoo management game (I'd get it on PS2, as the Xbox version is somewhat rare and pricey). It also came out on PC, if you don't still have a PS2.

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