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How to Get Free Xbox Live Gold Membership (Xbox One) [September]


In this video I will be showing you guys how to get a Free Month of Xbox Live Gold Membership completely free! Just make sure to follow everything I do in the video above. Make sure to drop a like on the video and subscribe to see more of these videos in the near future.

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How to Get Free Xbox Live Gold Membership (One Month Free)
●Link: https://youtu.be/1W8rVNTZUes

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How to Get Free Xbox Live Gold Membership (Xbox One) [September]

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  1. wait did I hear that right Xbox accepts debit card?? fuck yeah can I use my debit card to subscribe Xbox live? please reply anyone

  2. when you get it for free do you get a message on you're phone or computer when you buy it please tell me because if my brother gets a message hes going to cancel xbox live and never let me use his xbox one and if that happends he is going to kill me please tell me GODFATHER360 !!!

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