Home Playstation Forum is it possible to play your psp with a ps2 controller?

is it possible to play your psp with a ps2 controller?


i have tekken dark resurrcetion for my psp and i was just wondering if there was an accessory for the psp that will allow me to play tekken with my hori joystick (the stick has the same port as a ps2 controller. is that possible?

and also, can i play tekken dr in the ps3 by using my hori stick? i mean, does the ps3 have ports for PS2 controllers?

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  1. yes

    One of the biggest complaints about the PSP has been, and forever will be, the lack of a second analog nub. A platform supported extensively by ports of its bigger brother, the PSP has had a tough time adapting to certain genres because of the unique problem of only have one joystick. But what if you could use a PS2 controller to play PSP?

    The guys over at Acidmods have whipped up a fancy mod for his PSP that utilizes a PS2 controller, inspired by e-famous modder Ben Heck. While it may not solve the second analog stick problem just yet, the mod is still pretty cool—not entirely useful, but cool nonetheless. The entire process has been documented over at Acidmods forums, but this isn’t a simple cut-and-paste mod: some serious wiring and soldering went on to make this one work.

    check out the web site

    What made this interesting to me is the question of whether or not the newly-modded hardware could be tapped with homebrew code. I’m not much of a hardware guru, but if it were possible to wire the second analog stick into transmission, some great homebrew games would likely come along to utilize the newfound control abilities. The PSP’s homebrew scene is one of the strongest, and I’d love to see what they could do with the opportunity

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