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Never Preorder A Video Game At Gamestop!


***Please read before watching video and flaming**

I know this video comes off as pushy and telling you not to pre order anything from any store. I’m just trying to stress that we need to be more careful about what we preorder because it seems more and more that we are coming across instances like with No Man’s Sky where the game was hyped to an unbelievable level and did not deliver on many of its promises. Look I know the gaming industry has turned into a multibillion dollar arena with a lot on the line. But we can’t get tricked into buying shitty games. It is bad for the health of the industry. Let’s just be more careful, cause I know the media isn’t on our side.

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Never Preorder A Video Game At Gamestop!

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  1. i only pre order when it a game that i know that i really want i have only ever pre ordered games 2 time this year i mostly likely going to pre order 3 games this year because i thinl these games might be hard to find after it comes out like red dead 2 most likely will be

  2. Well preordering means they have to preserve a copy for you no matter what if you pay right off the bat and have your receipt

  3. In the early 2000s when you had to obtain a cart or disk in order to install and play said game, pre ordering made since. I lived in an area when I was young where I had to drive 50 miles to get to a Software etc. to buy PC games. On top of that there was only the one store because the next one was another 25 miles away. That's why I pre ordered back in the day. I ensured that a copy of the game I wanted was going to be there and I could plan to make a trip to the store and pick my copy up. Now days with digital distribution, and being able to buy games nearly anywhere there isn't a valid reason to do so. Copies of games aren't in short supply their aren't limited places to buy said games and if worse comes to worse you can buy digital. In recent years with games like Aliens: Colonial Marine, Duke Nukem Forever, Watch Dogs, No Man's Sky and other games I've gotten to the point where I don't even buy post launch until I've read and seen a lot of reviews re regarding the title I'm interested in. It keeps me out of the position of buyer's remorse. I wasn't one of those people who were demanding a refund for No Man's Sky. Pre ordering is to me a practice that started for a good reason that we don't need now. Last game I pre ordered was the collector's edition of Diablo 3 (PC). Last game I bought on day 1 was The Division. I didn't pre order, I walked into GameStop and bought one of the big stack of copies they had. Of course if they had been out of copies there were 2 more stores less than a mile apart that I could have gone to. If that didn't work I could have bought digital.

  4. Great video! I really think there are many other things wrong with the game industry besides this preordering ordeal. I mean, we have 10 year olds playing M rated games. I guess ESRB ratings don't even matter anymore after the purchase to many consumers. But in terms of this video, I do believe that patience is key when buying video games.

  5. these kids had my mom go pick up a full pre oder game but she dosent have my last name on her id she also had the receipt keep in mind she dosent live close to the game stop and expect us to drive there and wait in a huge line again because of a game release

  6. pre-ordered pokemon sun and moon, never been let down by a pokemon game. especially when theres a demo

  7. So I go by GS to pick up Battlefield 1 today, four days after it's released. I don't pre-order for the very same reasons you've mentioned here. However I get to the store and the guy says they are all out of the game except for pre-orders. I thought it was bullshit, but fuck it. Game stop doesn't order enough, fine, I'll give someone else my money. So I go home and look it up online on their website it says they have it available. So I call this douche bag back at GS, being completely civil and respectful, I ask him if they are all out except for pre-ordered games waiting to be picked up, why does it show in stock. His answer still baffles me. Because it's showing the pre-orders in stock, but if I sold those I wouldn't have any on reserve for those who pre-ordered. If they pre-ordered, wouldn't they have taken those out of inventory? I think he's full of shit personally.

  8. i pre ordered mafia 3 and i loved it, been a fan of the whole series and the pre order bonus was worth it in my opinion

  9. I've never pre ordered a game, but I'm going to pre order my first game tomorrow xenoverse 2 to get the bonuses and early access

  10. I personally hates gamestop tho. gamestop cheat me so many times ,
    1)I preorder ed destiny the taken king gamestop exclusive deluxe edition (79.99) and they put my order as digital deluxe edition lmao
    2)I preorder ed assassin's creed syndicate for gamestop exclusive neckless chain with syndicate symbol but they told me they were out of stock on that neckless. ( I picked up on the day of release at 10 am which is when they open)
    3) I ordered brand new copy of pes 2016 online on gamestop because it was on sale for $39.99 they sent me a used copy of it. I called gamestop and they said it's opened box bullshit. funny part is the code for my club digital goods was also used.

    this all happened within 3months. which I decided I'm so so so fuk in done with gamestop.

  11. the only reason I preorder is to get preorder bonus. sometimes it really stands out. I especially likes bestbuy $10 certificate for ps4 preorder (selected titles)

    what I usually do is just preorder good game titles and also has some good preorder bonus, then check metacritic on the day of pick up.if the review is terrible I just cancel the preorder. by the day of pick up, all gameplay videos,critics, pros and cons are revealed by thousands of people. so just be flexible about this and also get that preorder bonus at the same time. never use word never.

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