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Phantasy Star Universe Gameplay Xbox 360 [HD]


Phantasy Star Universe Gameplay Xbox 360 [HD]


  1. Everyone should look up the PSU Clementine servers on PC. It's amazing to think that a game that was available on the PS2 as an MMO is better than the MMO's of today. Maybe that's because F2P really degraded the gaming market?

  2. Lol i can recall doing some "digital prostitution" as my friends and i would call it. Anyone who played on the old XB servers knows that it was filled with a creepy amount of either very desperate nerds or creepers or just youngins i guess so we capitalized and charged Microsoft points for alloted time in a video chat lobby with a couple chicks where you would see the elusive boob lol. I was blown away that anyone would do that but it was actually rather profitable.

  3. Can somebody please tell me whether or not this is worth purchasing without the servers up anymore? I loved the onli e gameplay and from what i saw it looks essential the same but offline im considering downloading this for old times sake idk if its worth 20 bucks though (my disc drive is fried otherwise id have a $5 hard copy) please let me know.

  4. Qu'est ce que j'ai de bons souvenirs dans çe jeu. il était gratuit je l'avais en Béta…
    Increvable les musiques et le gameplay. Franchement quel potentiel ce Xbox Live. si je pouvait revenir dans le passé et y jouer je l'aurai fait…

  5. Phantasy Star Universe… :'( It breaks my gamer heart not seeing new sequels of this game.. I remember reaching lvl 150 on the PSP version Phantasy Star Portable 2! Until my psp stop functioning…

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