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playstation 3 steering wheel.?


i was wandering is there any steering wheels that i can buy for my ps3? do they have any out yet or is it gonna be a while for any to come out? and if there are any steering wheels can you show me? please thank you ill give you 10 pts

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    You can use any of these wheels and they WILL WORK:

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    I bought a Driving Force Pro wheel when I had my PS2. When I got the PS3, I plugged the same wheel in and it works just fine. It doesn’t have to say MADE FOR THE PS3 on it for the wheel to work.



  2. as of right now there isn’t any kind of steering wheel unless you got one with a usb connection and then your in business.other than that i think your gonna have to wait awhile before one come out.maybe one will come out when grand tursmo come out but that just a guess.check out some link below and see if their able to tell you.the 2nd link your have to go around and look.

  3. The PS3 has motion sensing capabilities so u dont need a steering when just tilt the controller and it will turn

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  4. ok i think they make a controller adapter so you can buy a wireless steringwheel for the playstation two but you will have to buy a controller converter for about 20-30$. its either that or wait until they come out with one for the the playstation 3

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