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PS3 sign in problem PLEASE HELP ME?


i try to sign in but the network connection times out and i just got the error code 8002A548 PLS HELP

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  1. If you are running through a router, try bypassing it and hooking the cable directly from the modem to the PS3. If that solves the problem, then you know it’s your router and you may have to update firmware on the router or something to fix the problem. If the problem persists even after eliminating the router, then I apologise because I’m not sure of a solution

    The only other solution is to check your account setting’s match that of your other family members. You could also make a new account and see if that logs on fine.

    It’s a strange one and I would seriously suggest phoning the PS3 helpline. You can find the details on the PlayStation website

  2. your internet is down happens to me all the time unplug your Router and wait ten sec. then plug it back in if it happens again Your screwed

  3. call tech services or email them.

    Most issues can be corrected over the phone in less that 1/2 hour or by an single email.

    Sign in online (on you PC) and submit a ticket (Go to the bottom pf the page and click support)

    Since you asked this question i assume your Network is up and running.

  4. That means your wireless router speed is slow.it also happens with mine ps3.you should go to setting and network setting and test the connection and connection test will tell you the speed.if it still doesn’t work call your internet provider.

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