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CGRundertow PHANTASY STAR UNIVERSE for Xbox 360 Video Game Review


CGRundertow PHANTASY STAR UNIVERSE for Xbox 360 Video Game Review


  1. So why did you not mention that after passing the first story ark that you could unlock another mode where you could play as a custom character of which were 4 races and 3 classes to choose from? Be that it is this title without the online support takes a lot of the fun away that I used to experience playing this while the servers were online. But, as I recall there still exists an online server in the form of the second PSU installment on PSP. It's somewhat pricey but if you can get your hands on it, it's a fairly decent game. And yes I am aware there exists a PSU server (Clementine). But as of now it still feels like it's in a pre-beta form as none of the missions can be done and there exists no items or drops.

  2. Sega can we get a proper, single player/ multiplayer Phantasy Star title? You have a heritage that dates back to 1986 (I've been playing since about then too) and it's sad to see this franchise go to waste.

  3. Bad game. If you have played previous phantasy star online episode 1 and 2 you won't like it as much. At least I didn't. Was a let down

  4. I am playing this game and star ocean last hope side by side and I must say this one is better paced and to me a better story but star ocean has better combat

  5. It's funny at the end he said the dungeons were too long, but here now i see people gripping about how the dungeons in pso2 are too short. SEGA you can't please them all. I love all the Phantasy Star games, they each brought something unique. I suggest anyone of wants to try them out buy ALL of them. I have pso1-2 (gamecube) psu (pc) ps zero (ds) psu (psp) and pso2 (pc). They are all amazing and have a slightly different world which centers around the same space travel/dungeon crawling. 

  6. What a terrible review for a great game….

    btw, you dont have to hold the button, if you actually took time to get to know a game before shitting out this video, you would know there is an option to toggle the button…


  7. Clumsy combat describes Phantasy Star games pretty well. I love PSO for the Dreamcast/Gamecube, but the combat is a real pain.

  8. I'm fully aware that graphics don't make a game, but those are pretty much ps2 graphics, and the combat system looks incredibly simple. I'll pass.

  9. If you wanna play story mode, all you need to is. keep your internet on till the hacking shield is finish loading then off your internet router then BWALA!! OFFLINE MODE XD

  10. You people like this game? I just got it for free and must say it is terrible. Bad voice acting mediocre graphics and a horrible battle system. If I could id make gamestop pay me for having wasted 30 min playing this.

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