Home Playstation Forum GET PS PLUS READ when do they add more game?!?

GET PS PLUS READ when do they add more game?!?


Yoi get infamous 2 / just cuas 2 / sains row 2 / little big planet 2 / rachet and clank all 4 one / for FREE THEY SAID IT AT e3 I’m downloading some of them now (already owned infamous 2 and ratchet and clank) do it it will save you money in long run
QUSTION: will they add new games every month?

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  1. They’ve added new games monthly, usually the first Tuesday of every month, and usually PSN titles or Minis and also some PSone games., and sometimes they’ve added free Minis in the middle of the month too. There have only given free A-list games a few times before, this month’s selection is very much out of the usual for what Sony has given asway.

    Remember the games only work while you have PS+. If your subscription expires, the free games stop working.

  2. They add every games every week I believe, but usually very small-file games, that cost about 3-5 bucks. Yes, it saves you money tons of money! BUT don’t expect them to be huge games like that in bulk every month. Sony rarely does that.

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