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how can i boost up my wifi on my ps3. not the router but on my ps3. will tinfoil work?


my internet shuts off at 10 because of my mom, is there a way i can boost up my wifi using house supplies if so that would be very helpful THANKS! haha because i have a neighbor that i get like 30 percent to and want a little more from it

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  1. If your wireless router has an antenna, check this out:

    [url is not allowed].

    I did this and it actually increased my connection by 20%. I tested it thoroughly and it really does work.

  2. just like adidas say, its from the source (routor) that give off the signal.

    talk to your neighbor to boost it up. if you go straight to them and say “i was using your wifi for the past __, and i was wondering if you can put tinfoil on your routor to make the signal stronger” well, that will be dumb if you did that. just say that you saw the signal and was wondering if they can boost it up because your mom shuts it off at 10. make up a lie saying its for class project or homework and you need internet.

    something like that. im sure you can think of something.

    if you dont want to talk to your neighbor.do this:

    1. get onto your routor, like access it. if you dont know how, google it.

    2. enter routor username and password. its usually ROOT for user and ADMIN for password. could be other way. if not those and you dont know, press the reset button on the routor

    3. mess with the settings. there should be a tab that says access restriction. so change the time and there you go. if you need more help on this part, google it.

    4. when finish playing on ps3, put the time back to its place.

  3. The PS3 does not determine the strength of the Wi-Fi signal, the router does. The PS3 can only accept the signal. If the signal is weak, you need to make it stronger at the source, which is the router, not the PS3.

    There is nothing you can do to the PS3. If you want the Internet on, talk to your mother. If your neighbors are aware you are using their network, then talk to them about making the signal stronger, here are some tips: [url is not allowed].


    LFCs answer only works if it is your router. Since this is not your router, you have to have your neighbors adjust any settings or add any devices to make the router stronger (or just have your mom leave your Internet on longer).

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