Home Videos How To Have Custom Profile Pictures on PS4!

How To Have Custom Profile Pictures on PS4!


How To Have Custom Profile Pictures on PS4!

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  1. ————————————–!!!(((PLEASE READ ME)))!!!———————————————————————————————————-
    100,000 views…. wow Thank you so much! Just to answer some questions (1) your friends can!!! See this Custom Profile Pictures online┬ánow! (2) You can PS4 Background Picture (look for other videos. (3) The app U.I has been updated so look around for the options shown in this video. (4) No I do not own a PS4 anymore… Thank you again!

  2. Hey, I have a problem about the profile picture cause in my ps app I can't change my profile picture and I can't delete it either, I keep on trying to change it and it won't change, it just says "cannot change profile picture", so are these anything to fix that problem that you can't change your profile picture in ps app?

  3. Why can't none of my friends see my custom pfp? I've been trying to fix that problem bit for some reason I can't.

  4. will this work if you happen to be under 18 and you need some master account will this work its not working for me

  5. But is there a setting I can change so when I play battlefield etc my custom profile pic will show up in game ?

  6. does your phone and ps4 need to be both on and paired/being on the same wifi network, for this to work? or can my ps4 be turned off and I just only do this on my phone?

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