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Hunted The Demon’s Forge Good Ending + Final Battle 1080p HD


Hunted The Demon's Forge Good Ending + Final Battle 1080p HD


  1. lmao the rat at the end look at the wolf like do u wana talk about our lord and Savior meee the rat king

  2. id give this game a solid 7/10

    id love if a sequel if they improved some of the good aspects of this game

    then it would be awesome

  3. Man, the same haoened to me than +Hector Newcomb and at the end I was so pissed off when i had to return the game that I told the guy at the store that the game was pure shit, even though it wasnt that bad.

  4. too linear but i love the character designs though. The headless witch looks pretty badass. I didn't like caddoc's face and the way he was rigged and animated. Looks like the two protagonists are modeled by two different artists.

  5. This battle was too easy and the power creep of your character throughout the game was unnesscarily large. At some point you go from a fast bow doing 48 damage to 96 within the same chapter, game becomes piss easy after the half way mark

  6. Oops, I already thought this game had a weird ending. I shouldn't have let my greed take the best of me.

  7. Fuck man, this ending was so much better than the crappy sad one I got. Ugh, I should have never touched that sleg.

    On another note, this game was awesome. I loved the characters and it was a fun game. People are such little bitches when it comes to complaining about video games.

  8. The sleg was available through the whole game. It all depends whether or not you drank it throughout.

  9. I loved this game. I played through the fist five chapters with a mate and then did the last chapter by myself. I wish someone had told me to be Elara. The A.I. wasn't really good at beating the final boss so all I could do was bash enemies and wait for my partner to shoot. It took bloody ages. Still love the game though. Criminally underatted I'd say. Good vid as well mate!

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