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Playstation vita or PS3?


Which should I buy? I kinda like the vita but the games library isn’t nearly as good as the PS3. Also I’m purchasing one of the two on December 10th 2011 (my birthday)

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  1. You can’t really compare them, they are so different physically and also in terms or power. It’s all about what you want from a gaming console. if you want portability and wifi/music/videos on the move then the vita would be a smart move. if you’re in the house all the time then a PS3.

    Save up money and buy both over time! 😀

  2. martin guy is right, if youre always on the go, get the vita since it have a media center, web browsing, and gaming.

    if youre at the house most of the time, get the ps3.

    they both offers the same thing in terms of software features.

    but the psv will have 2 touch panels, cameras, and motion control.

    yes, the vita game library is much, but it will still be a great system even with out games becasue it have basicly the same thing as ios and androids from media center, webing, cameras, and gaming but what ios and android dont have is augmented reality.

    im mostly getting the psv for media, web, cameras and apps. the gaming, well i would rather play a ps3 level games on psv then on ios and android.

    so its up to you, you decide what you will use it for

    if i was you, i would get ps3 first, save money and when psv does release next year, buy it and take advantage of the new features it have instead of just gaming.

  3. PlayStation 3 is more than just a gaming system, it is an entire entertainment experience! Music, photos, videos, Blu-ray movies (unbeatable picture!), and high definition gaming. what more could you need from a gaming system? Not to mention the FREE Playstation Network online gaming. The Playstation store is easy to navigate and always updated with the latest tv episodes, movies, games, demos, etc. The sleek Sony controller doesn’t feel too bloated like the xbox 360 controller. I have this system running for hours every night, whether I’m playing online gaming, watching a blu-ray high definition movie, or listening to music. Definitely worth the money!

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