Home Playstation Forum what is linux for the PS3?

what is linux for the PS3?


i keep hearing about this linux but what is it?

anybody care to help?

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  1. It’s an alternative operating system, mostly dedicated to PCs, but since the PS3 is so much like a PC it is possible to install Linux on it and use it as a computer.

    If you don’t already know what it is, you definitely don’t need it, and there’s no reason to go through the trouble of putting it on your PS3.

  2. Linux is another operating system, like Windows or MacOS. It’s based on UNIX, and is freely available from many places, like Red Hat, Ubuntu, and many others. Linux is available for a variety of different platforms, but most people use it on their PC as an alternative to Windows. Many websites are running on Linux webservers, for instance.

    Sony has created their own version of Linux for the PS3. Although, why, I’m not exactly sure. It’s not as though you can turn your PS3 into a graphics workstation or anything like that. The main purpose of putting Linux onto a PS3 is so you can install the Sony PS3 developer’s kit (which you still have to buy from Sony.) Otherwise, unless you’re a bit of a Linux hacker, there’s really no reason to bother with this feature.

    If you want to try out Linux, you’d be better off grabbing a standard distro for your PC. Some of which can be installed without disrupting your Windows hard drive.

  3. Linux is an alternative operating system

    just like XP and Vista

    I believe you can use Linux on your PC too

    If you do change your PS3 operating system, just remember to back up the old one first

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