Home Xbox Forum can you use a flash drive for xbox update?

can you use a flash drive for xbox update?


from what i read you can download an update to play xbox games on 360 but i read online that i need an xbox hard drive do i need one if i have enough memory on my console

if i need one can i use a flash drive

and one more question how much is a cheaper hard drive
also if it changes anything i have the new slim 4gb

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  1. Yes, you can. But you can not without a hard drive. I’ll put a link in source for people who have a hard drive but want to do it from a USB for whatever reason.

  2. A flash drI’ve won’t work you need a hard drive because apparently the xbox ” needs” it to run the game I don’t see how. Anyway you can buy a 20 gb hard drive for around 30 dollars at gamestop

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