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Classic Game Room – TRON EVOLUTION review


Classic Game Room - TRON EVOLUTION review


  1. Classic game room can't even get his shit straight before review says the discs are frisbies wtf dude sounds like he gives no shit about tron makes me want slap his stupid ass

  2. For all of you that say this game is bad you can go eat a dick you try making your own tron game see how far that gets you and I'd like to see you all play indie games for the WHOLE WEEK ppl are sooooooooo fucking retarded you do know this is for the movie right? It could have been terrible but when you play it you notice they put effort in this game so don't say its a bad game but I will admit its not worth 60 more like 20 bucks tbh

  3. I picked this up 2 days ago from a pawn shop for $5 on the PS3. There were 3 copies in total, the first 2 cases I checked were in bad condition, the first 1 looked like it had been played with by Zsasz from Batman, the box art paper was all scratched/cut up by the case was fine. The second 1 looked like it had been seasoned with something, lol it looked all sticky and warped so when I went to check the third I was a little concerned I wouldn't be getting the game… as a vg collector, I can't buy something that isn't complete & in good condition….

    Well, it was in perfect condition, it looked mint as did the disc & it was priced the same as the others (how about that?). So I picked it up for $5 and some change (tax incl) & I just popped it in today. I remember seeing reviews for the game, so when I, heh, "booted up the grid"… I wasn't expecting much. BUT. I'm at the first boss fight and I'm wondering what the problem is? The game seems incredible so far. I love the Parkour, the combat looks exactly like it does in Legacy/plays like it too & the graphics are incredible.

    Now, mind you, it wouldn't be the first game I've played that falls off after the first hour or so… but what I've played so far, man, it's just awesome. I also hear that Olivia Wilde returns to reprise her role as Quorra and Jensen Ackles from Supernatural (Dean Winchester) & Smallville voices 1 of the characters. So we've got a star VA cast & what I've heard of the Jeff Bridges voice alike, he's doing really well so the va is wonderful too. Also, the Daft Punk music which is phenomenal is also in here! I love it when movie games feature music from the movie and Legacy's music track is superior to most other films. 

    Anyway, I imagine I'm going to enjoy this game more than most other Tron fans. As much as I enjoyed the original film, I liked Legacy more. A lot more. I'm thinking a lot of the reviews for this game came from people who didn't like the new movie, and who loved the original game. Well… here's the kicker, I didn't play the original game so I'm not holding this title to incredibly high standards either. 

    I still appreciate this review though, Mark. I'm sorry you couldn't enjoy this game as much as you wanted to, but per your recommendation I'll def check the online out (assuming there's still a community of players). 

  4. I think he was too nice too the game. It isn't the worst game ever but it's pretty rough in gameplay. There are several sections that are maddeningly difficult. (Ex. Fighting two tanks that kill you with huge explosions or by merely touching them.)

  5. Gotta be cheap by now. Just saw the classic movie and I really dug it, and heard the new sequel was good too. Gonna pick this and possibly both movies up.

  6. ive just watched the movies (including the original for the first time}, and am intrigued by the game and non a fps multi player,
    so just one question how many people are still playing this online

  7. The multiplayer was the best part of this game. It was easy, and it was fun to trick people by glitching out of the map. I was rank 200 on the leader boards when I quit, by that time I got used to to easy gameplay and only two people could kill me. My friend, and the second person on the leader boards.

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