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Duck Dynasty Game Review


Duck Dynasty Game Review


  1. my grandma got me this game for my birthday… im not sure if i should be polite and play it and not waste her money, or use it for money im saving up for a ps4

  2. I won this game from my company just recently (along with some good games) at a rewards rally.  And I just passed it off to someone else.

  3. Bummer mate.I thought this was going to be duck tales game not some serial killers in the swamp.geez

  4. You're a funny man sir. After everything your line of "Well this is actually a buy" gave me a good hard laugh. You've got yourself another subscriber.

  5. I feel sorry for the person who got convinced and closed the review at the buy section lol

  6. I shared a bed with my older brother until I was 9 so the breath of fresh air joke made me laugh really hard.

  7. I love how these ignorant city shits are talking about rednecks like its a bad thing the term red neck implies one works hard for a living out doors and thus had red sun burnt necks also known as leather necks the ocean version of a redneck and yeah I do agree though this game is fucking stupid as fuck

  8. im surprised this show had enough fans to make a game out of it….just blows my mind. now i dont have to watch the lame reality shows on TV now i can PLAY them ! wa-hee ! i can barely contain my excitement

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