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Dynasty Warriors 7 – Video Review (PS3 / XBOX 360)


Game Overview: 0:50
Difficulty: 3:32
Time Commitment : 4:34
Continue playing? 5:08

Is Dynasty Warriors 7 a brilliant re-imagining of an established property or just a glorified re-release of the same old game? Find out now by watching our review!



Leisure Gamer Criteria:

Low: Game provides little challenge to the player. Includes a frequent saving feature, it is difficult for you to be defeated, the AI is generally easy to overcome, and/or the player does not need to restart the level if defeated.

Standard: The game offers an average amount of challenge and includes multiple levels of difficultly for the player to choose from, the game saves less frequently than the “low” rating, and the player should expect to replay sections of the level when defeated. The AI offers an immediate amount of resistance and will require the player to adjust to their play style depending on each situation.

High: Game provides a higher degree of difficulty than most titles. The game has a strong learning curve even on the normal setting and offers multiple levels of difficulty. The game might include an infrequent saving feature or the players can expect to play large chucks of levels over again when defeated. The AI provides significant challenge to the player and demands the player to adjust their play style often and quickly.

Time Commitment:
Afternoon: Best enjoyed in short bursts (like your mother-in-law without all the nagging). Expect to be able to pick up and put down the game within short amounts of time. Both the story and gameplay are best enjoyed without the requirement to sit down for long periods of time and the game does not require a lot of focus.

Evening: The game requires a moderate amount of time during each sitting in order to be enjoyable. Either the story or gameplay are dependent on playing for upwards to an hour. The game requires a medium amount of focus and attention, so please feed your dog before sitting down to the game!

Late-night: The game is going to require a larger amount of time than most. Either the story or gameplay require that you set aside some time. In order to best enjoy the game, a higher degree of focus and attention is required. Grab some dinner, check your email, and turn off your phone, you will want to play for longer than an hour in order to get the complete experience.

Did the game make you want to continue playing?
Absolutely!: Just like your prepubescent infatuation with your middle-school crush, you will be thinking about this game even when you are not playing and wishing you could play for longer when it is time to turn it off. The gameplay and story make the game extremely enjoyable and you might even find yourself giggling at the opportunity to play it.

Yes, but…: A game that possess a great story or fun gameplay, but has certain conditions that need to be met. Maybe the game has a great multiplayer but weak single player, or maybe the game elements combine to make the game one that you could pass up, when you are short on time. A ‘yes, but’ game is worth playing, but doesn’t need to be to be your top priority.

Not really: The game provides a story or gameplay that might be worth exploring but only when you have extra time. You might not always find yourself reaching for the controller when presented with a “not really” game. The game can be passed up for another, unless specific features of the game look appealing to you. In that situation, post your own comments about the game, without calling us ‘complete’ idiots!

Dynasty Warriors 7 - Video Review (PS3 / XBOX 360)

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  1. The lack of free mode really annoyed me. I miss being able to play any stage with any character l want. Why would they omit this? There's no reason you shouldn't get to choose between Zhang Fei, Guan Yu, or Liu Bei in most of the Shu missions, since they're usually always together.

  2. Even though its repetitive its really fun. And i've been playing the game since the 4th it just never got old for some reason.

  3. my favorite 1 what is dynasty warriors 4. I played it for a year and a half before it broke, I was so mad when it did my whole family loved it.

  4. @midnightshade32 Lastly I have many nightmares about my confrontations with Lu Bu. Even before he was a playable character he inspired fear in me and my friends. Always remember "Do not pursue Lu Bu!" youtube.com/watch?v=LbiieRfMaD4

  5. @midnightshade32 and even Mount & Blade War-Band(PC only though I believe) for some complex and authentic European medieval combat. Not to mention the many spinoffs to the DW series like Samurai Warriors, DW Gundam, and DW Tactics etc. As for the two weapon system I didn't really see much point in mastering it because of how effective you can be with just your main weapon once you found one powerful enough.

  6. @midnightshade32 It sounds like you're fresh to the DW series which is great! Like I said in the review I have fond memories of my first DW game. Like you said it was a hell of a lot of fun but after seven iterations and spin offs it starts to lose its charm. If you enjoyed DW:7 be sure to check out these other games I found that have that 1 vs many hack and slash feel: Nighty Nine Nights, Sengoku Basara Samurai Heroes, FotNS: Ken's Rage, Bladestorm: The Hundred Years' War(Also made by Koei)…

  7. what other games are like the warriors series.. hint..there isn't any. This game (and other warriors type games from KOEI) are in their own sub-genre. What would grip you better, "now that your older" …please don't tell me "call of dog dooty" or some other generic shooter. I just got into this series and its a hell of a lot of fun. That is the key word there. You feel so good conquering massive armies and getting to the next part in the story mode. The stories are long too. I

  8. @wowwow180 deinatly must buy! Also check out the vita game dynasty warriors next, its basically dynasty warriors 7 empires. (regular empires on console isn't out yet) It has a even better graphics (and its on a handheld the vita.) Its got a cool cancel attack button that lets you chain combos like crazy and cool vita specific mosou attacks for each character.

  9. You are using the 2 weapon fighting system wrong if you aren't utilizing it like you said. You need to do your combo with one weapon then switch a special weapon switch attack will happen then continue to do another 5-6 hit combo and switch again. Keep doing this to get massive combos and decimate the enemy! lol… Anyway, this is my 2nd dw game, got DW:next on the vita first, and had to get this. I love the game and it's style. It is a great game and you can't tell me you didn't die on lubu?

  10. @Pow3rh0use It's because this game is essentially the same as the previous installments. Eventually they lose their charm and without interesting innovations the games are not compelling anymore. Thanks for your question though, and for subscribing! Welcome to the network. 🙂

  11. @DrJ2042 Yup. Both split screen and online is available for 2 people, but only during the the conquest mode. Not during the story mode. Alan talks about the conquest at around 3:00

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