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IGN Reviews – FIFA 14 – Review


IGN Reviews - FIFA 14 - Review


  1. One of my fav Fifa, I loved the OP heading and the market was the way a UT market should be

  2. Personally I find soccer boring to walk in real life, and I have always felt that they should get rid of the goalies. That way the games would have alot more goals scored and thus become more exciting. (As I can't stand watching matches that end 0-0 or 1-0, Just boring)

    That being said though, I bought Fifa 09 used on the ps3 a few years back and had lots of fun with it. So I picked up this game a few days ago for $9 at GameStop and I'm having fun with this. For some reason playing soccer video games is alot funner than actually watching soccer.

  3. I cant understand why this games have this scores and every year is the EA make the same game and people buy it for 60 dollars, EVERY YEAR IS THE SAME FUCKING SHIT

  4. Jesus christ the ai in the game is awfull, especially against real madrid, the only team you can go afk for a minute and dont need to worry for getting a goal because the defence will automatically jab everything… Shit is unfair imo how can you make this team that good but yet win no championships smh I dont have problems against barcelona portugal brazil etc etc but real madrid is just … I dont even have words for it, I didnt even talk about the players…

  5. FIFA 14 got 9.0 and FIFA 15 got 8.3 I guess I'll be waiting for FIFA 16 I don't even play FIFA it's like you buy it. Play for two days then stop. SMH EA SMH!

  6. Fifa fanboy logic.
    Newest one > shit
    older > the best.
    when fifa 15 comes out I'm gonna be reading the exact same comments all over again

  7. I loved FIFA2013 , i had it on PC , and it was awesome , i (DOWNLOADED CRACKED FIFA2014) and i uninstall it after 1 week lol that game sucks…

  8. I don't get the reason why people are complaining about fifa 14 its has the best graphics and its looks most realistic.

    First of all adjust your video setting(maximum quality) and try to zoom in a lot until it suits you then you could actually see how awesome this game really is .

  9. I love this game. The only thing i didn't like is that most of the stadiums aren't the right ones. I hope they fix that in fifa 15

  10. fifa 14 is shit when you play against the computer but against a friend is a very good game….but it is not worth 60 bucks..

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