Home Playstation Forum my ps3 wont system update version 4.41?

my ps3 wont system update version 4.41?


my system says it needs a system update to get on playstation home or the internet. i go to download it and it finds version 4.41. it starts to download and get to maybe 4% and it gives off some error code


  1. write the error code down and look it up on the playstation support website , it’ll tell you what’s wrong.

    If I were you I’d test the internet connection , usually when an update won’t download your connection is either really a weak wifi one or really slow , if it’s not that it might just be your router needs to be reset.

    If you can’t download an update because of poor internet you won’t have a good enough connection to use psn or download the home updates required let alone use home.

    it’s only a small 150mb file , with a good connection speed and proper router setup that update should take 3 or 4 minutes at the most

    you can always update using a pc and flash drive just go to playstation.com and download the update following the directions on the site

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