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PS3 NTSC game on a PAL unit.?


Well this is my question. Will a PS3 NTSC game from the USA work on a PAL unit from the United Kingdom? I would also like to know this question from the PS2 and Xbox 360 as well. Thanks in advance.

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  1. BD video is region-locked, but ps3 is completely region-free for all games. This doesn’t mean you can play ntsc on a PAL screen, though. Even though it’s not region-locked, if you’re trying to view the SD output on a PAL screen, you’ll be out of luck unless you get a ntsc-to-pal converter (these don’t work perfectly). Some games have both ntsc and PAL video but the only way to be sure is to just use an hdtv and view the 720p or 1080 video instead.

    One good thing about HDTV is that it’s making PAL and NTSC a thing of the past.

    As for the ps2, it is strictly region-locked. While you can defeat the regions with swap magic or various hardware mods, you will still run into the same ntsc-pal incompatibility. It is possible to convert ntsc to pal but it requires extra hardware and it will leave black borders on your screen. PAL is higher resolution and has a higher framebuffer than ntsc. So it is possible to play ntsc signals on PAL hardware with poor quality, but impossible to play pal signals on ntsc hardware (it won’t fit)

    I don’t know about regions for xbox but if you use HDTV you won’t have to worry about pal and ntsc.

  2. don’t this listen to the other guy, ps3 is region free. ps2 and xbox 360 are not. you can get this thing called swap magic for ps2 so it can play imported games. i am not sure if you can do anything for 360.

  3. the ps3 is landlocked so you can only play it where you bought your console. however, the ps2 and 360 can play games from other regions

  4. The PS3 is still locked to the region you bought it in, but PS3 games themselves are region free – that means any PS3 can play any game. Say you bought a PS3 in the US, you could play games on it that you bought in the UK.

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