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Ps4 is coming out does that mean that they will stop making games for the ps3?


So I was waching the ps4 live thing and I was wondering if that means they will stop making games for the ps3? I just got the ps3 so i’m deffinatly not going to get the ps4. THANKS!!

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  1. Most likely no. If the PS2 is any indication, consumer demand will still be high for the PS3 even after PS4 launch. High enough to justify game production to continue. Many low income families felt the PS3 was too high in price for several years (despite price drops), so the PS2 proved to be a great alternative. I expect the PS3 to experience a similar fate. Also, if this holds true, I think PS3 game production will last a lot longer than 1-2 years past PS4 launch. Sony & the game developers have no reason to stop production on either the PS3 or PS3 games as long as they continue to generate profits.

  2. No they’ll keep producing them it’ll take a year or two at the minimum to completely phase PS3 games out of production

  3. It will take more than a year or two. The ps2 was just discontinued like a couple of months ago.

  4. Actually yes they are going to stop producing PS3 games to switch over to the PS4 production but on the plus side you will have backward comparability only on games you have purchased through the psn

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