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Shall I buy an Xbox 360 since it’s cheaper? What is the difference between it and the PS3?



  1. PS3 is by far the best console on the market.

    xbox360 you have to pay to play online,you need batteries for the brick controllers,you have to buy a hard drive for it also you have to buy a hd player add on to play hd dvd’s! hd dvd is dead.

    It do not work out cheap at all.

    With ps3 everything is built in already for you, free internet

    bluetooth controllers charge by usb, plays divx movies dvd & blu-ray dvd,plays mp3.

    Games are on blu ray dvd’s which can hold 5 times the amount an xbox360 dvd can which means better graphics bigger games,web browser xbox360 do not have one! you can even install an os on the ps3 xbox360 cannot! as for a bigger games library on xbox360 yes thats true because the 360 was released 16 months before ps3 plus nearly all of them 360 games are junk!

    There will be tons of exclusives on ps3 we already have more than 360!

    So what do you want quantity of games 360 or quality of games ps3.

  2. 1. The 360 has a higher failure rate.

    2. BluRay>HD

    3.Live is $50 a year. PSN is $0 a year

    4.MGS4, Resistance 2 LittleBigPlanet vs. Halo 3 and Gears of War 2

    5. Bioshock has recently been released for the PS3

  3. here is the answer as basically as i can put it.

    x-box 360 is for you if you like a wide library of games and playing with your friends online. however, a 1 yr subscription to x-box live is $40.(well worth it.)

    ps3 is for you if you like the best graphics anywhere. the system is skisophrenic though. it breaks down constantly and has a limited library of GOOD games.

  4. xbox 360 uses the HD format where as the ps3 uses the blue-ray format. they no longer make movies in HD so you are limited to the use of an xbox 360. as for the ps3, the blue-ray format is top of the line. the ps3 is like a small computer in itself. for $399 you can get the 80 GIG byte console. it has built in memory for downloading music, you can store pictures and videos and you have the ability to link to the internet to chat rooms instant messenger. and you can also download games from sony ps3 website and store them to the memory without purchasing the actual game. you can watch blue-ray movies and it also up-converts standard dvd to near 1080p quality. and you also have the ability to download updates from Sony’s website as well.

  5. Just coming out to correct a few answers:

    the exact opposite is true for the first answer.the 360 breaks over 40 times as much as the PS3.

    And for the person who listed exclusive games:

    over half of those are on the PS3 as well.

  6. Go with the 360. The PS3 Hasn’t had many good games, except for Metal Gear Solid 4, and Little Big Planet.

    The 360 has a great library of games, like:


    Rez HD

    Fight Night Round 3

    Viva Pinata

    Blue Dragon

    Saint’s Row


    Mass Effect

    and Braid.

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