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Which system is better? Playstation 3 or the Xbox 360? Give as many details as you can.?



  1. The PS3 is about 50 bucks more that the Elite.

    Both have HDMI connections so if your TV has that connection on it you have a simple single wire install.

    The PS3 also has a blu-ray player out of the box. To get HD-DVD on a 360 you would need aditional equipment.

    The Newer 360 Premuims are packing the same motherboard as the Elite, and at a lower cost. The sacrifice will be a smaller Hard drive 20gb on the Prem 120 on the Elite. They now have the same motherboard, and both 360’s have Bigger Heatsinks and HDMI out.

    The Premuim’s retail is 349.99 +179.99 for the HD-DVD drive 529.98. so you can go with a 360 with HD-DVD for about the same price as a PS3 with it’s own Blu-Ray.

    As far as MS goes, It’s kinda hard to beat a 3 year warranty.

    MS has pretty crappy Tech support. The 360 also has a better game Library, but the PS3 is catching up quickly.

    As far as comparing the Systems. I like the PS3. But I am quite Biased as I really do not like MS based of my personal Experance with them, But they have a fantastic product.

  2. I would say that it would depend on what you were looking for in a system. Xbox 360 has an array of games and great graphics to boot. The price is suprisingly affordable. The graphics are great, as long as you aren’t looking for the best graphics out there. Sometimes its hard to tell the difference between the 360 graphics and PS3 anyway depending on the game.

    Playstation 3 has not had many good things said about it but this year seems like a turning point. They have some extremely great solid franchise games (metal gear solid 4, final fantasy 13 to name a few) coming out that will be sure not to disappoint and some newcomers that could make this console become well worth the fortune you will have to shell out to afford not only the console, but the games also. The graphics are breathtaking at times, but you have to find the right games to show off the console’s capability or its just about the same as the 360.(its also good if you have an HD tv for either console because this will better show off the graphics)

    I hope I helped!

  3. The Xbox 360 console is dubbed as having the poorest quality and reliability. From the infamous “red rings of death” to the console’s head scratching discs, rendering them unreadable. The Xbox 360 is conceived to have numerous fatal design flaws. In addition, the console has a failure rate of 30-33% compared to PS3’s 3-5%.

    “The Xbox 360 is subject to a number of technical problems. Since the Xbox 360 console was released in 2005 the console gained reputation in the press in articles showing poor reliability and relatively high failure rates.”

    –Wikipedia(see url below)

    “On 5 July 2007, Peter Moore published an open letter recognizing the problem and announcing 3 years warranty expansion for every Xbox 360 console that experiences the general hardware failure indicated by the three flashing red lights on the console.”

    -lifted from Wikipedia(see url below)

    Microsoft merely extended the warranty to three years because of consumers who kept badgering them.

    Check out this page:

    [url is not allowed].

    What experts say about the PS3:

    MSN reviewed the PlayStation 3 saying, “the PS3 is a versatile and impressive piece of home-entertainment equipment that lives up to the hype … the PS3 is well worth its hefty price tag.”

    CNET awarded it a high score of 8.8 out of a possible 10 and voted it as its number one “must-have” gadget, praising its robust graphical capabilities and stylish exterior design while criticizing its limited selection of available games.

    Hexus Gaming reviewed the PAL version and summed the review up by saying, “…as the PlayStation 3 matures and developers start really pushing it, we’ll see the PlayStation 3 emerge as the console of choice for gaming.”

    At GDC 2007, Shiny Entertainment founder Dave Perry stated, “I think that Sony has made the best machine. It’s the best piece of hardware, without question.”

    Other news:

    “It was also revealed that the first-person shooters Haze and Unreal Tournament 3 would be exclusive to the PlayStation 3 in 2007, adding to the selection of exclusive titles available for the holiday season. Perhaps the biggest announcement, however, was that the highly-anticipated Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots will be exclusive to the PlayStation 3, amid rumors that the game would appear on other platforms. Two other important exclusive titles to be released by Square Enix for the PlayStation 3, Final Fantasy XIII and the upcoming installments in the Kingdom Hearts series”

    –quoted from IGN

    So far there hasn’t been a design flaw discovered from the PS3. So, I would have to say that the PS3 is remarkably better than the Xbox 360 despite it’s hefty price tag. Anyway, I do believe you get what you pay for. Read below.

    “The PlayStation 3’s initial production cost is estimated to have been US$805.85 for the 20 GB model and US$840.35 for the 60 GB model; however, they were priced at US$499 and US$599, respectively. The high manufacturing costs meant that every unit was sold at a loss of approximately $250.”

    Search the entire pharagraph above if you don’t believe it. 🙂 Lucky are those who have bought it. It’s like they received a subsidy from Sony itself. 🙂

  4. they are both good systems. both are excellent machines. as to which is better, it’s all a matter of what you like better.Sony or Microsoft. either way, you won’t be disappointed. i have both, but do to the lack of games on sony’s end, the 360 gets more use.

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