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5 Minutes of Parappa the Rapper Remastered Gameplay


Announced today at Sony’s PlayStation Experience 2016 keynote, here is five glorious minutes of the newly remastered Parappa the Rappa, taken from now available demo.

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5 Minutes of Parappa the Rapper Remastered Gameplay


  1. It would've taken minimal effort to put Parappa 1, 2, and UmJammer Lammy, and maybe a NEW one the same disk (but not Major Minor.), if there was no extra musical content (stereo as opposed to original mono audio) or stages. Lazy remake. Pretty sure they didn't adjust the timing either. Parappa was released in the age of CRT TVs, nod LEDs and LCDs. There may be delay.

  2. I know this tends to be a sticking point for "remasters", but the smeared appearance of the upscaled FMVs really betrays the game's presentation. Surely Sony could have put up some budget to have them redone. I hope they take note if they go on to remaster UmJammer Lammy.

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