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Best online multiplayer games for PS3?


I can’t remember the name of a game I wanted to buy, but it was like a team deathmatch game that you played online and your characters were customizable and you had weapons (unlike some games where you just use your hands/legs). I’m thinking it might of been Assassin’s Creed 3, BUT I’m not sure because I’ve been watching some youtube videos and they just walk around hiding and killing and the gameplay I saw of the game I can’t remember you were able to throw grenades and all that kind of stuff. Anyway, if you know what game I’m talking about please let me know! Otherwise just list some great online multiplayer games!


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  1. ac3 has a kinda bomb thing , you follow your target around and try and find who is it then you tap the button to kill its fun for about 2 hours only offline is better on ac


    black ops 2


    nhl 13

    pes 2013

    older the game the more hacked it is

    most games are dead online ulnless its cod or BF AC fifa 13 pes 2013 also has many players , the other games only has a few players online cos there all playing cod

  2. I think you might be talking about Call of Duty. If not, I don’t know. If on the 360 it might’ve been Halo.

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