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Catherine shows why a game doesn’t have to follow the first person shooter trend and still be a great game. This game is the most unique game released this generation and it does an outstanding job creating an interesting story and tough, but fun, game play.

The story starts out simply enough, you control a guy, Vincent Brooks, who loves hanging out with his friends and spending time with his girl friend Katherine. One night Vincent stays late at his favorite bar and ends up waking up with a temptress the next morning. The girl he wakes up with the following morning is named Catherine. Throughout the rest of the story Vincent is forced to make decisions that will affect which girl he ends up choosing and helps shape his morality. During this whole process Vincent has nightmares in which he is constantly climbing. It’s not long before he finds others around him are having the same dream. Without spoiling too much its worth noting that the story takes a turn and becomes an extremely epic story filled with betrayal, death, and plot twists around every corner.

The game play is based around two different worlds, the dream world and the real world. In the real world Vincent will talk to his friends and the locals at a bar. Talking to his friends and the local residents will reveal different parts of the plot and present new elements to the story line, some of which you may miss if you don’t have conversations with the other characters throughout the story, some of their lives depend on you talking to them. In the dream world the game play becomes a puzzle game where you move blocks around to climb and reach a goal. Some levels are shorter while other are very long and have multiple check points. The different chapters are made up of several stages, in each chapter a new element is introduced such as ice blocks or bomb blocks. At the end of every chapter there is a boss battle which is a spawn of something he encountered that day in the real world.

Catherine is a fun and interesting game. It’s completely different from anything being released at this time and this really boosts the enjoyment. You’ll find yourself playing through the different stages and chapters of the dream world in order to see the story play out in the real world, the story is that good. The characters are interesting and as you play through the game its satisfying putting all the pieces together and figuring out what exactly is going on. This game is worth checking out and I give it a big thumbs up.

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Submitted On October 22, 2011Video Game ReviewsCatherine stands out from the crowd as one of the most unique games this generation. With a riveting story line and fun puzzle gameplay, Catherine makes its case for game of the year.catherine, review, xbox 360, ps3

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