Home Xbox Forum different xbox gaming devices.which ones better/whats the different?

different xbox gaming devices.which ones better/whats the different?


what are the differences between these two xbox consoles?

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.if that link for some reason doesnt work, its the microsoft xbox 360 arcade and the microsoft xbox 360 elite console. whats the difference besides 100 bucks and the color? is the black one better in any way?

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  1. I asked the same question

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    and yes they are different. the elite can play all (Or almost all) xbox games. It can also go on XBox live and that is pretty cool. But what I thought was a major difference was that if you bought the arcade, you will only get 256 MB of data and only play minigames. The HD is also a lot better on Elite than Arcade

  2. elite is better – it comes with a 120 GB harddrive ( the largest available) which the arcade doesnt – arcade has none just the system a controller and a small memory card – if you want to do online gaming (which require a gold membership which you have to pay seperate for), do xbox live where you can download various demos and tons of other stuff and goodies, it lets you play regular xbox games, save games (so theres less wear and tear on the dics), do chatting and emailing and much much you NEED a harddrive

    it also gives you a one month gold membership so that way you have a month to see if you like online gaming so you can know if you wanna pay for it

    100% go for elite

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