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How many times have you had to ship your xbox 360 for a repair?


i just want to know from experience, who had their xbox 360 have a hardware failure or overheated. when they shipped it to microsoft and received it back, i want to know if anyone had their 360 have a hardware failure again and had to ship it back to microsoft.

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  1. I’ve never had to ship mine in. I had a Core system for about 8 months and then upgraded to the Elite and haven’t had any problems with it yet.

  2. my friend literally, no joke, shipped his xbox 360 elite to microsoft 3 times. each time they would send him one, he would get the 3 rings of death, so they are called. he wants to return it to buy a PS3 but he cant because its too late for returns. i would becareful with xbox consoles if i were you. i always hear about defective 360’s.

  3. None. i have the core system and it been very reliable. ive had my system for about a year now.

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